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What happens to my credits after I upgrade Siply?

We're about to launch a new version of Siply and credits are a changin'!

One of the biggest problems we had with the beta version of Siply is that credits were a bit, erm, let's call them clunky.

It was really hard to understand how they actually saved you money (which is annoying, because they saved you loads of money!).

So we got rid of them and now just have dollars inside the app. 

The old way of buying credits 

You'd buy $35 of credits for $30.

1 credit = $1

Discounts are not applied to the drinks in the menu.

So a $5 drink is 5 credits inside the menu:

AKA you're only paying $0.85 every time you spend $1.

Pretty confusing, right?

The new way 

You top up your account with $35 and get $35.

But when you buy a $5 drink it costs you $4 in the Siply app:

Waaaay easier, right?

But what happens to my existing credits?

I've got some good news and some even better news for you!

Good news number one:

Your Siply credits are not going anywhere, we're just converting them over to dollars.

So if you have 10 credits, you get $10 to spend in Siply.

Good news number two:

Remember earlier when I mentioned that you bought $35 of credit for $30?

Well, that means you're getting a double discount: You got a discount when you bought the credit and because we now discount the drinks it means you're getting a discount on your discount!

Here's the breakdown, because it's confusing:

  1. You paid $30 for 35 of credits (remember, 1 credit = $1)
  2. Which means you got $5 of free coffee
  3. We then convert the 35 credits over to $35 to spend in the new version of Siply. AKA you keep that free $5
  4. In the new version of Siply you can take that free $5 and spend it on discounted drinks.
  5. For example, you spend that free $5 on a latte and you end up saving an additional $1!

What to do if this doesn't make any sense!

Don't fret, we've got you!

The main point is that you're not losing any money, you're actually getting a much better discount.

Reach out to us at support@getsiply.com and we can chat about any questions you might have. We can even send you an amazing little spreadsheet that goes through it all.