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Siply Quick User Guide

This short guide takes you through the minimum steps required to start purchasing drinks using the Siply app.

It's assumed you've already downloaded and installed the app, as well as created an account. 

Click here to download Siply.


  1. How to add money to my account to pay for drinks.
  2. How to search for a coffee shop to visit.
  3. How to use the menu.
  4. How to buy your drinks inside the coffee shop.

How to add money to my account to pay for drinks.

Inside the Siply app, tap the User Profile button in the bottom right:

2019-07-27 14.10.16

Then tap the ADD MONEY button:

2020-10-26 11.10.14

You can now swipe left and right to choose the amount of money to add to your account:


When you're ready to purchase a plan, tap the Buy Now button at the bottom of the plan.

If you don't have a credit card on file with us it'll ask you to put your details into the app. Our payment provider is Stripe, one of the most secure payment methods on the planet.

When your transaction is complete you'll get a success message:

How to search for a coffee shop to visit.

Siply has two views that allow you to find your perfect coffee shop.

Map View

Tap the map icon in the bottom left.

2019-07-27 14.10.57

You'll see a map open with several yellow pins on it.

Each pin represents a coffee shop you can visit. Tap the pin for more info on the shop and tap the coffee shop info to be taken to the coffee shop page.

List View

Tap the list view icon which is second from the left on the bottom navbar.

2019-07-27 14.09.09

This will show you the list view, where you can scroll up and down the selection of available coffee shops. To view the details of the shop simply tap it.

How to use the menu

Inside the coffee shop page, click the menu button.

2019-07-27 14.27.56

You'll now be able to scroll up and down the menu and use the tabs to choose between Drinks and Addons (Addons are things like Alt Milk, Syrups etc)

Choose the drink you want bu clicking the Add to order button.

How to buy your drinks inside the coffee shop.

When you have decided what drink(s) you want, you'll notice a yellow bar appear at the bottom of your screen.

Tap CHECKOUT to access your cart. Alternatively, click the X to empty your cart.

2019-07-27 14.29.08

Tell the barista your order and they'll give you a unique code to use inside the Siply app.

2019-07-27 14.29.59

This will complete your order and the barista will make your drinks.


If at any point you want to chat with someone in support you can call us on 1-877-488-0507 or email us at hello@getsiply.com.