Pallet Coffee Roasters Promotion Guide

From October 5th - 9th we're running a promo with Pallet HQ & Roastery in Railtown.

To get to the free drinks you'll need to find Pallet HQ in the list view. You can access that view by clicking the list icon on the bottom nav bar :

and then searching for the coffee shop. The other alternative is to find it on the map view.

Once you're inside the Pallet HQ & Roastery shop, click the menu tab:

And you should then see the free drinks and choose whatever one you want.:

You'll see a little yellow bar appear at the bottom. When you've chosen your drink you can click "checkout" on that bar:

Then tell your barista your order, and they'll give you the code to put in your app and in return, you get a drink! 

The whole idea is that it should be totally touchless, no credit cards etc.